I’ve Been Healthy Throughout COVID: Home Remedies That Worked For Me

Becca Mahoney
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As an essential worker, I was exposed to COVID-19 six times — that I’m even aware of. There have been scary times these past ten months, but these 6 remedies have helped me stay healthy, COVID or otherwise.

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“Just take my vitamins and pray.”

That’s what my boss told me she’s been doing throughout COVID, and it’s worked for her. I can’t say my method is much different. I believe that there was a combination of things that contributed to helping me fight off any potential sickness.

The obvious disclaimer: This post has not been reviewed or endorsed by any medical personnel, it’s simply things I’ve been doing that have worked for me as a Tier 2 emergency worker…in addition to mask-wearing, frequent hand-washing, and social distancing. Keep in mind, I’m recommending these remedies as a way to help you stay healthy in general; I am not in the medical field, or an authority on COVID-19.

Another thing to keep in mind: all things in moderation; it’s possible to overdose on these supplements, so stick within the recommended daily values.

Vitamin C and Vitamin D

During my first self-isolation following exposure to the virus, a family member sent me an article from The Oregonian, explaining researcher Adrian Gombart (of Oregon State University’s Linus Pauling Institute)’s stance that Vitamin C plays an integral role in the body’s immunity, and Vitamin D supports the body’s response to infections. According to the research, many people are suffering from Vitamin C and D deficiency, and the severe lack of it could inhibit recovery from the virus.


Zinc can’t make colds disappear; but it can make you less miserable, and for a shorter length of time. This article from UCHealth details how. According to one University of Colorado School of Medicine MD, zinc also inhibits the replication of coronaviruses other than COVID-19, and thus could potentially help inhibit the acceleration of the virus in the respiratory system. (There’s no definitive evidence that zinc is similarly effective against COVID-19.) However, if a recommended dose of Zinc can help me stay healthy even against the common cold through a COVID winter, it’s good enough for me.


A family member recommended elderberry to me after the first time I found out I had been exposed to COVID, as a way to boost the immune system. Natural Medicine Journal found that using Elderberry had significant effects in easing symptoms when used towards the beginning (and throughout) influenza or common cold symptoms.

Hydrogen Peroxide

When my state first began reopening (the first time), I went to the dentist. The technician had me rinse with a hydrogen peroxide and water solution before my appointment. While the technician told me there was no definite knowledge of how long the solution as a mouth rinse could kill a respiratory virus, it is a precaution worth taking. I began using it as an oral rinse, as directed on the package. (Of course, I also use hydrogen peroxide to rinse off my toothbrush after use, and to clean high-contact surfaces.) Though peroxide as an oral rinse renders other coronavirus strains ineffective, there’s a current lack of evidence for hydrogen peroxide’s effectiveness against SARS-COV-2. (The findings are discussed in this paper from the National Center for Biotechnology Information.)

Green Tea

I’ve always been a faithful green tea drinker when it comes to fighting off colds. It has immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory characteristics, according to Emily Ho (Science Daily article), a professor at Oregon State University’s Department of Nutrition and Exercise Sciences. Drinking it at the first sign of a sore throat has helped me nip hundreds of colds in the bud. It turns out it might be helpful against COVID as well: Researchers from the Institute of Molecular Virology, Ulm University Medical Center, Technische Universitaet Dresden and CogniVerde GmbH found that green tea and pomegranate juice had an 80% effectiveness as a mouth rinse against COVID-19. (It’s worth noting that in the same study, chokecherry juice had a 97% effectiveness as a mouth rinse against COVID-19. Guess what home remedy I’m going to try next?)

I’m of the mindset that your thoughts and words are powerful.

If we believe we can beat this virus, we can. Along with handwashing, face masks, social distancing, and keeping ourselves healthy mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically, there’s no telling what we can do.

All it takes is a little bit of faith.

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