10 Roles You’ll Be Amazed Marvel Cinematic Universe Stars Had Before Marvel

Boasting 23 main characters and spanning twelve years of filmmaking (so far), the Marvel Cinematic Universe is bound to have some funny casting mix-ups, stars doing double-duty, or interesting earlier roles the stars held. Here are 10 Funny Roles MCU Stars Had Before The MCU.

Evangeline Lilly Was A Middle Earth Elf

Chris Evans Was A Different Marvel Character

J. Jonah Jameson Was J. Jonah Jameson

There’s pretty much no way around it: J.K. Simmons is J. Jonah Jameson.

Iron Man/Tony Stark Was Mr. Willoughby

Elizabeth Olsen Was In Full House…Once

Jane Foster Was A Skywalker

Happy Hogan Is John Favreau

Hawkeye’s Wife Was A Psychopath

Doctor Strange Was Sherlock Holmes …and Smaug the Dragon

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