It’s gift giving time! If you’re looking for gifts or stocking stuffers for an inquisitive kid or tween, or if you just want to encourage reading this Christmas, check out these thirteen books (and their sequels!)

For me, The Baby-Sitters Club and The Allison Chronicles (by Melody Carlson) got me hooked on reading as a kid. But as long as I’ve been a reader, I’ve been in this situation: you finish a book. You Google similar books. And there are not enough results!

Now, about 80% of the books I read are still children’s books. Because, well, writers must read. But I love recommending new books to people looking for them. And in all my reading, I’ve got some standout favorites that I’d encourage anyone to read. …

Recently I have been facing a bout of writer’s block. REALLY BAD writer’s block. So bad, I hesitate to call it writer’s block. It’s unlike any of the writer’s block I’ve faced since I started writing seriously in 2005.

It’s more like that feeling of scratching your nails on a chalkboard. Only, the chalkboard is blank, and you’re supposed to write an entire novel on it.

But, this drought in one area of my writing has me trying out A LOT of different ways to beat writer’s block. I thought it might be helpful for someone else out there to…

As an essential worker, I was exposed to COVID-19 six times — that I’m even aware of. There have been scary times these past ten months, but these 6 remedies have helped me stay healthy, COVID or otherwise.

Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

“Just take my vitamins and pray.”

That’s what my boss told me she’s been doing throughout COVID, and it’s worked for her. I can’t say my method is much different. I believe that there was a combination of things that contributed to helping me fight off any potential sickness.

The obvious disclaimer: This post has not been reviewed or endorsed by any…

Not sure what to do on New Year’s Eve this year? Take it from someone who was social distancing before it was cool: New Year’s Eve at home is where it’s AT.

Though I’ll be watching Christmas movies straight through New Year’s, sometimes it’s fun to watch a non-Christmas comedy during my movie marathon until midnight. These ten suggestions for comedies will have you entering the new year with a smile on your face.

1. Jack & Jill (2011)

Jack & Jill is a Hanukkah/NYE movie — perfect for your home-for-the-holidays New Year’s. It’s also got Adam Sandler x 2.

2. Snow Day (2000)

This winter-themed Nickelodeon…

Or, things to do to make your holidays special despite quarantine.

This year we’re all being faced with a real-life Grinch: COVID. It feels we’re all desperate for Christmas to begin, and we could all use a little cozy this season.

But with COVID resurgences and many states closing up again, a lot of traditional Christmas plans are probably going to be derailed.

The restrictions don’t have to ruin Christmas: the end is in sight, and we can celebrate Christmas and the coming vaccine at the same time. In fact, let’s make this the best Christmas ever.

All of these ideas are things you can do with just your immediate family…

Gluten-free, no-sugar-added, and made in a microwave in 30 seconds.

I am a die-hard chocolate lover.

I’m the kind of person who wants to have something chocolate on my day off, even if it doesn’t fall on the weekend. And then on the weekend, when I have to work. Weekends when I don’t have to work. And my birthday. And days I just wish were my birthday.

But, unfortunately, I can’t have a brownie sundae every day. Or can I?

This ultra dark chocolate single-serve microwave mug brownie is so gooey with melted chocolate, it‘s almost like eating a lava…

Boasting 23 main characters and spanning twelve years of filmmaking (so far), the Marvel Cinematic Universe is bound to have some funny casting mix-ups, stars doing double-duty, or interesting earlier roles the stars held. Here are 10 Funny Roles MCU Stars Had Before The MCU.

Evangeline Lilly Was A Middle Earth Elf

Evangeline Lilly, before she played Hope Van Dyne/The Wasp and Ant Man’s butt-kicking partner, played Tauriel in The Hobbit movies. The role was invented for the movies, not a part of Tolkien’s original text, and caused a bit of controversy amongst die-hard fans of the book. …

Ah, Cold Stone. The Hibachi grill of the dessert world. The place we go to to be treated to decision overload of flavor and topping options, while meanwhile getting dirty looks from an impatient (socially-distanced) line of ice cream lovers like ourselves.

If you’ve ever eaten at Cold Stone, you know how it feels to walk in and smell that signature waffle cone aroma (no, it’s not a bottled smell they use just to hook customers, it really is the homemade waffle cones.) You’ve faced that the lineup of every single candy, cookie, and ice cream topping imaginable, and you…

Self-isolation-during-the-middle-of-a-global-pandemic-apocalyptic-situation blues got you down?

If you’ve already re-watched the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Star Wars movies (even the ones that don’t count, like Rogue One, Solo, and — gasp! — The Rise of Skywalker) in chronological order, then rewatched them in order of release, realized Black Widow practically dated every single one of the Avengers at some point in time, and also that there are only one or two Star Wars movies you actually enjoy watching, yet you can’t stop saying you’re a Star Wars fan out of sheer loyalty — same.

Even if you are brave…

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